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Geri’s not your average coach. The award-winning legal conveyancer turned accredited life coach kick-started her career managing Australia’s then leading fashion empire, OrotonGroup,  negotiating and managing over 85 retail leases across Australia and New Zealand before becoming a well respected and successful property conveyancer in NSW, building her business, Sydney Property Conveyancing (SPC), to transact over half a billion in property.


An accomplished presenter and educator, Geri collaborated with Mortgage Choice and The White Agency in delivering first home buyer industry events in NSW and Hong Kong and contributed to high profile magazines such as Your Mortgage Magazine and Your Investment Property.

After the sale of SPC, Geri relocated to Monte-Carlo, where she was steering the ship as Director of Sales and Marketing for Art Petrus SARL, Monaco’s prestigious art printing and reproduction company, some of whose A List clients were Hotel de Paris, Monaco Grand Prix, Café de Paris and Monaco Yacht Show.


Her formal education graduating from Macquarie University, University of Technology, Harvard Business School and Co-Active Training Institute brings a wealth of international experience and professionalism.





Behind the Brand

According to my family and friends, I was living the dream. In love, living in Monte-Carlo and exploring travel in Europe.


And it’s true, I was. On the surface. And yet, I was unable to identify this deep down ache that something was missing in my life. And it was big.

For the first time in my life, I started noticing some qualities I had long held honorable, which were no longer supporting what I believed to be my happiness. And as I kept going down this path of self-awareness, I began to realize that I was procrastinating on moving forward to discover what I had been missing out on.

This lead me on my path to becoming an accredited life coach.

Thanks to the transformative experience I have had working with master coaches across the world (both being coached and coaching them), I can now give back to help other entrepreneurs empower themselves to get out of their stuck place, find greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

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