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Imposta Blasta is a coaching program for individuals who are fed up with feeling they're not good enough.


In this 6 week coaching journey you'll go from feeling like a fraud and full of self doubt to creating self trust, confidence in your life and mastering your imposter phenomenon. We'll do this by identifying your limiting beliefs around self perceived inadequacies and replacing them with more empowering thoughts and behaviours.

This coaching package includes:

  • Designed alliance to ensure maximum potential
  • 3 fortnightly private coaching calls on zoom
  • 4 days of Voxer support
  • Access to resources

LIFE COACHING:  12 Week Program

Fab Femmes Empowerment Coaching

For women who are ready to stop with the excuses, crush their limiting beliefs and empower themselves to start their own business and live the life they deserve.

This coaching package includes:

  • 6 fortnightly one on one individual coaching calls on zoom
  • Custom designed alliance between coach and client
  • Self sabotage assessment
  • WhatsApp support between sessions
  • Complimentary Bonus: laser-focused 15 min one on one session for emergencies (1 per month value $185)
  • Access to resources
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