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I'm Geri Radzim

If you have a burning desire to move out of your stuck place, make decisions that are aligned with every authentic cell in your mind/body/spirit and transform your life to the exhilarating level of supreme freedom, success and fulfillment, then you're in the right place.


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"I help high achievers

link their actions to their internal core and their true values,

to create a rich and fulfilling life."

Coaches claim change - I actually mean it.

Work with me and you won't just get exceptional results.

You'll discover the best version of you. One you've never even dreamed of.

You may even fall in love with yourself.

Just letting you know.


You're smart, ambitious and successful.

You've achieved a lot.

And now you find yourself asking...

Is this all there is?

You need things to

You can't keep going on like this, it's too frustrating and unsettling.

The problem is you don't know where to start.


Yet one thing is clear:

The time has come to change.

"I looked in the mirror one day and knew
there is more to life..."

If you're wanting to discover your "next chapter" and move out of feeling stuck, to discover your fullest and most meaningful life,
you're in the right place.


What my clients are saying...

"I met Geri when I was embarking on some major changes to my life. I was aware of the challenges that my choices were going to create but I underestimated the personal impact. ​​ My journey has involved navigating some pretty choppy waters and grappling with personal and professional growth. Geri skillfully guided me in recognizing my limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, using thoughtful and insightful questioning to deepen my self-awareness and understanding of my motivations. She encouraged me to embrace discomfort, take risks and explore new opportunities, ultimately fostering the development of my self-confidence. As a result of our work together, I now assert clear boundaries and express my needs with clarity and respect. ​ Geri is a compassionate and intelligent person that I can share my doubts and aspirations with … unjudged. ​ I wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with Geri for anyone seeking a positive and empowering transformation." Claudia Hackman, Fashion Stylist

“Absolutely hand on heart amazing. One of my biggest challenges was that i felt disconnected from the idea of my dream future existence. Geri helped me get that unblocked and get clear on my vision. Now I'm well on my way to implementing the steps to get there..."

Georgia Rickard, Media Entrepreneur, Sydney

"A woman in my mid 60's, I was no longer feeling fulfilled and I knew I needed to make some important changes. Geri helped me dig deep, clarify what was important to me and identify my blocks. I have now moved forward with clarity and purpose. Empathetic and professional...”

Barbara F, Bangalow, Australia

"Geri brought me to a light bulb moment which helped me plan the next steps in tackling my problems."

Paulina Lis, Events Expert,,Lisbon, Portugal

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