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When things are challenging...

A certified life coach can help you create an amazing life.

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I'm Geri Radzim

If you're a Property Professional with a burning desire to move out of your stuck place of being on the treadmill of never having enough time, suffering from highs and lows of stress and fed up with feeling like you're always behind  then you're in the right place to transform your life to increase your performance without stress or overwhelm.


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I will help you with...

Overcoming Procrastination

Identifying limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential

Creating habits to enhance productivity

Achieving a better work-life balance so you can thrive personally and professionally

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"I help property professionals 

improve productivity without stress and overwhelm."

Coaches claim change - I actually mean it.

Work with me and you won't just get exceptional results.

You'll discover the best version of you. One you've never even dreamed of.

You may even fall in love with yourself.

Just letting you know.

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My Professional Services

1:1 private life coaching will help you reduce stress and overwhelm, identify what is holding you back, learn to move past fear and develop new ways of thinking and improve productivity and well being.


Connect and experience the impact.


Your path to your good life

3 simple steps to start on your path to work and life success and happiness. 

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Book your appointment now.

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Free introductory session to understand your challenges.

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Discover your

potential and ignite your empowerment.


Make your first step towards your amazing life.

I'm with you.

What my clients are saying...

“Absolutely hand on heart amazing. One of my biggest challenges was that i felt disconnected from the idea of my dream future existence. Geri helped me get that unblocked and get clear on my vision. Now I'm well on my way to implementing the steps to get there..."

Georgia Rickard, Media Entrepreneur, Sydney

"I was no longer feeling fulfilled and I knew I needed to make some important changes. Geri helped me dig deep, clarify what was important to me and identify my blocks. I have now moved forward with clarity and purpose. Empathetic and professional...”

Barbara F, Bangalow, Australia

"Geri brought me to a light bulb moment which helped me plan the next steps in tackling my problems."

Paulina Lis, Events Expert, Lisbon, Portugal

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